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About Us:

Freerotation is an intimate annual electronic music party held in Baskerville Hall, near Hay-on-Wye, which developed from a musician’s free-party collective in the early 2000s.
Freerotation is run on a ‘not for profit’ basis, and is also a networking event for the artists who are performing. Freerotation is not advertised and we do not have any sponsorship.
You must be a member to buy a ticket for Freerotation, due to limited capacity of the venue. You must be invited by an existing member to join Freerotation. This limitation is due to the already over-subscribed membership.


Q - How do I buy a ticket for Freerotation ?
A - You must be a member to apply for a ticket to Freerotation. Tickets are sold to members in small batches between December and May Each batch is sold to groups based on the number of times they've attended Freerotation. If the number of applications exceeds the venue capacity, later rounds are decided by lottery. Members can find all the info they need to apply for a ticket in the Members Area of the website.

Q – How do i become a member of Freerotation ?
A – You must be invited by an existing member to join Freerotation. This is possible only on one day each year in April or May (announced in advance), and due to the large numbers of applicants this is decided by lottery.

Q – Can I rent a room in Baskerville Hall ?
A – No, although we do have a very limit number of bunkrooms to rent, but these are usually already taken by people who have been renting them for a long time. If any rooms become available, they will be advertised in the Members Area.
Yurts and Bell tents are available to hire from Fred’s Yurts.

Q – Ive been to Freerotation 2 times but my girlfriend / boyfriend has only been once before, can i buy a ticket for her / him ?
A – No, but you can put her / his name into the appropriate ‘Partners Username’ box on the ticket application form when you apply for your ticket, and this will be taken into account when she / he applies in the later round.

Our Ethics:

We want to do everything we can to care for our environment, each other, and all living beings.

We aim to do this in various ways:

  • We are working to minimise our impact on the earth’s climate. We are proud to be in partnership with Size of Wales, a Cardiff-based charity (www.sizeofwales.org.uk) which is working to protect an area of tropical forest twice the size of Wales. The charity supports indigenous people by protecting their rights and helping them to earn a living from their land while caring for the forest and wildlife. We raise money by selling t-shirts, carbon offsetting, and donations from stalls, artists and ravers. Resident artist Aboutface visited the Wampi community in Peru as a project he initiated with Size of Wales for a music and cultural exchange and raised over £1,000 for the tribe. He tells an enchanting story about his experience and their struggles through words, music and photography: https://www.aboutfacemusik.co.uk/los-bos
  • Baskerville Hall has solar hot water, biomass hot water, solar PV electricity panels, own sewage treatment system using bacteria (not chemicals), free drinking water widely available across the site.
  • Freerotation HQ is powered by 100% renewable energy supplier, Ecotricity, is highly insulated, with biomass heating, and solar hot water, and we use ethical banking (Co-operative Bank and Triodos Bank).

  • All waste from the festival is sorted after the event for recycling. Unwanted tents are collected by a charity for use in disaster relief and homelessness. We sell re-useable plastic drinks cups to ravers for use at the bar and to raise money for our charity partner.
  • Our own catering is provided by No Bones Jones and Dave’s Tea Tent who provide veggie and vegan food and drinks in re-useable mugs with a deposit scheme. No Bones Jones’s vehicles run on biodiesel and their lights and coffee machine are run from solar power-charged batteries.
  • Our cinema, run by Mash Cinema, shows films about music and sustainability as well as social issues and inspiring stories.
  • We provide a bus from London and there is also a bus organised from Manchester by festival regulars. We encourage car sharing via a forum on our website. We are increasing our support of local artists and those who travel by train, and we offset the carbon from artist flights through donations to our charity partner. We require artists taking long-haul flights to have a minimum of 3 gigs or to be staying a minimum of 3 weeks in Europe to help balance the negative effects of the flight, and all artists stay at the festival for the whole weekend.
  • We aim to nurture wellbeing for us all as individuals, as a community, and as the collective consciousness which we all know and love from our experiences on the dancefloor. We have a cosy Welfare Yurt with experienced, supportive welfare crew, and professional massage tent. There are yoga and meditation sessions and we have inspirational quotes and images beautifying the hall loos!
  • We are passionate about researching and communicating with others in the music community, to explore ways we can improve our sustainability and take positive action to better care for our environment and the earth’s ecosystems. In Freerotation 2020 we are planning an open discussion on these issues and are continuing to research and reach out to our community and beyond. We hope to play our part in the emerging evolutionary movement to live in harmony with our beautiful planet and all life on Earth.