MASH Cinema presents FREERO KINO

2024 FreeroKino:

The Kick, The Snare, The Hat & A Clap (Documentary, 36 mins)

This short documentary by Susie Davies tells the story of the 1990s British rave culture and warehouse party scene in and around the Ouseburn Valley, Newcastle.
Watch: The Kick, The Snare, The Hat & A Clap

Herd (Experimental, 28 mins)

An experimental, mediative film which takes us on a sheep-filled, musical journey through the Kirklees landscape – its rural hills, waterways and post-industrial towns – with a score specially re-mixed by Gough.
Watch: HERD: The Film

The Complex World of Digging (Documentary, 12mins)

Digging—the art of searching for records—can take many different forms. From clicking through endless rabbit holes on Discogs and getting swept up by the YouTube algorithm, to, as the name suggests, spending hours thumbing through the bargain bins of record shops.
Watch: The Complex World of Digging | Resident Advisor

Somewhere in Detroit (Documentary, 12mins)

A short film about Detroit’s greatest musical collective since Motown, the cooperative and record label dubbed Submerge and UR (Underground Resistance). The mini-documentary reveals intimate conversations, providing unique insights into the tight-knit co-op at the center of Detroit techno—the creators, pioneers, and futurists who embody the spirit of the genre.
Watch: “Somewhere in Detroit”: Underground Resistance, Submerge, Techno and the Detroit Way

Sad Stonewash (Experimental, 40mins)

Described as ‘a video mulch’ this is an adventure, or perhaps abyss, of distortion. Like if an alien raided a charity shop’s VHS section and created some kind of a muzzy tapestry of humankind.

Ukraine: Nightlife in Resistance (Documentary, 45mins)

When Russia launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 the thriving electronic scene changed forever. Overnight, producers, DJs, club owners, staff, promoters and curators became soldiers, refugees and volunteers. The country’s dance floors were repurposed into medical training facilities and ammunition factories, coordination headquarters and volunteer centres.
This film explores six individual perspectives from across its club scene, uncovering from their stories the true cost of war.

Watch: Ukraine: Nightlife in Resistance

To directly support the music communities affected in this film, please consider donating to the following charities:
Обійми (Hugs)
Hugs is a volunteer organisation started by Vlad Shast that provides humanitarian aid for those who are affected by the hostilities of war.

Musicians Defend Ukraine
Helping Musicians who defend on Ukraine’s frontline, providing protective equipment, medical supplies and humanitarian aid.