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The idea behind the label is to release music from artists with strong links to the Freerotation Festival, including collaborations between regulars and residents, and also to help new up and coming artists have their music heard. The agenda is ‘something different’ and to cover diverse styles and approaches. While there will be a fair amount of dancefloor oriented material on the label, ambient and downtempo will certainly not be neglected, the philosophy being quality electronic music with soul.

We’d like to thank Johannes, Chris and all the guys at Diamonds & Pearls Music distribution for taking this special project on.

Freerotation Crew.

Freerotation 04

Various Artists – “Regeneration” EP

Freerotation Records returns with another 12” featuring Freerotation residents and regulars. The theme for this release is live hardware techno and the A side features two cuts from Juju and Jordash’s live improvised set from Freerotation 2017, while the flip showcases two of Freerotation 2017’s live hardware acts, the evergreen Shawn Rudiman from Pittsburgh USA, and the recently revived North-Easterners Cubic Space Collective. Collectively these artists are some of the best live techno performers in the world today, with decades of experience behind them, and true dedication to their craft.

Release Date: 29 October 2018

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Distribution; Diamonds & Pearls Music

Freerotation 03

Anthony Child/Duckett/Steevio/Tom Ellis – “Kith” EP

The Welsh purveyors of quality electronic grooves known lovingly as Freero are not just content curating one of the world's best festivals dedicated to exceptional music so they started a label. Their third edition of Freerotation Records presents the legendary Anthony Child aka Surgeon with "Unconscious Fearless Determination", certainly a departure from what we're used to but enthralling as always on this esoteric and slow burning exercise in hypnotism. UntilMyHeartStops mainman Duckett presents yet another exercise in utterly sublime deepness on "Breaks My Heart When I Remember That Day"; it doesn't get any more bittersweet and emotive than this. On the flip, label head honcho Steevio serves up some pure form modular techno with "Pendulum" which really captures those ghosts in the machine, while other core member Tom Ellis delivers the dreamy and immersive ambient house of "As A Take".

Release date approx July 2016.

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Distribution; Diamonds & Pearls Music

Freerotation 02

Monoak – “Resolute” EP

The second offering from Freerotation brings the vinyl debut of Irish born, London resident Monoak. Monoak’s distinctive style of gritty, melodic techno displays an artist engrossed in his work, wanting to take us on a unique journey into uncharted territory.

Melody and percussion interchange amongst a framework of deep, broken, pounding kicks, and sizzling highs.
The Resolute ep is brimming with tunes which stay firmly in your head, and exude a timeless quality, a rare thing these days from a new producer taking his first steps.

Release date approx mid-October 2015 (TBA).

The launch party for the record will be held at Bloc London on October 16th, with sets from Steevio & Suzybee, Sunil Sharpe, Monoak, Simon Lynch, and Joe Ellis b2b with Leif. More info on the facebook event page.

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Distribution; Diamonds & Pearls Music

Freerotation 01:

The High-on-Wye Quintet – “The Hafod Jams’ pt1”

Freerotation 01 'The Hafod Jams' pt1 - The High-on-Wye Quintet, composed of residents Juju, Jordash, Move D, Soulphiction and Steevio in a mega hardware jam session, recorded live in Steevio's Hafod studio after Freerotation 2012.
Release date; Mid October 2014


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Distribution; Diamonds & Pearls Music