Freerotation 2018 line-up:

Aboutface (feat. Taro) - Alex Downey - Aybee - Batu - Ben UFO - Bergemann and Legget - Blawan - BMO - Bruce - Burnt Friedman - Cary Grace - Circle of Live (Sebastian Mullaert, Mathew Jonson, Dorisburg, Johanna Knutsson, Steevio & Suzybee) - Cosmin Nicolae - Cosmin TRG - Cubic Space Collective - Dan Bean - Deena Abdelwahed - Dice Versa - DJ Bone - DJ Bus Replacement Service - DJ Python (aka DJ Wey/Luis) - DJ Qu - Djrum - Dorisburg - Duckett – Earthdoctor - Erika - Fade 2 - Franklin De Costa - Freedom Engine (Live) (feat. Mathew Jonson) - Gigsta - Grimes Adhesif - Hakim Murphy - Hodge – Ilmajaam - Jade Seatle b2b Truly Madly - Jane Fitz - Jayson Wynters - Jenifa Mayanja - J-lab - Jo Johnson - Joe Ellis - Johanna Knutsson - Juju & Jordash - Jus Ed – Karenn - Lars Bartkuhn - Leah Floyeurs - Leif - Little Baby Cheeses (feat. Anthony & Doris Woo-Child) - LF58 (Neel & Filippo Scorcucchi) - Magic Mountain High - Mark Hand - Marylou Guerra - Mathew Jonson - Metrist - Midland - Miles Atmospheric - Mono-Poly - Move D - Mr & Mrs Jonson - MTF - Myles Serge – Neel - Overmono (feat. Tessela & Truss) - Pangaea - Pariah - Pearson Sound - Peverelist - Portable (aka Bodycode) - Reflektor - Sam Watson - Saoirse – Sassmouth - Sebastian Mullaert - Shawn Rudiman - Soulstate Jazz (feat. Tom Ellis & Mark Hand) - Steevio & Suzybee - Steffen Bennemann & Vai - Steven Rutter (Firescope/Warp/B12) - Steven Rutter feat. Bryonii - Superhand - Surgeon - The Astralwalkers (feat. Aybee & Lars Bartkuhn) - Tom Demac - Tom Ellis - Tripcode - XDB - Yamma (feat. Cary Grace and Basil Brooks)

Visual Artists:

/\rt-S - Avery Bright Light - Becky Bee - Eye4anEye - Heloise MacIntyre-Read - KL30 - Limbic Cinema - Liz von Graevenitz - Mash Cinema - Sean Clarke (Test Card) - Seanie Louise Smith - Suzybee - The Moth Factory - Tim Cowie - Verdigris - Vesta - Yagama - Zeke Clough

Freerotation News...

[Last Updated: 18/06/18]

Freerotation stage at Draaimolen Festival 2018:

This September we're heading to the forests of Tilburg, Netherlands, to host our own stage at the Draaimolen festival!
More info about the festival can be found here.

Freerotation contribute to STW Article "The Environmental Footprint of Touring DJs and Club Culture":

Steevio & Suzybee recently contributed to an article for Stamp The Wax, discussing the ecological impact of the dance music economy, and what can be done by festivals, clubs, DJs and charities to offset the damage. Read the full article here

Aboutface visits Peru ahead of Freerotation 2018 collaboration:

We are excited to announce that Freerotation Artist, Aboutface, has embarked on an ambitious and profound inter-cultural collaboration with the indigenous Wampis community in Peru. This is in direct co-operation with our partner charity, Size of Wales which supports the Wampis as part of their ongoing work to protect an area of rainforest twice the size of Wales. The project will explore the evocative aural terrain of the rainforest and the sacred female songs of the Wampis. It will also raise awareness of the urgent threats to the Wampis’ forest home and raise money through the donation of his artist fee and sales of the vinyl release which will follow, among other things.
We encourage you to read more about the project HERE. You can also find out more about the Size of Wales charity on our website HERE and on their website HERE.

Update from 10 million trees project. Mbale, Uganda:

Currently the project run by our charity partners, the Size of Wales, is exceeding its tree planting projections. They’re already having a very positive effect for families in the badly deforested region of Mbale.

Read more here...

Update from Size of Wales:

Everyone very busy this morning over at our Garashi tree nursery near Boré. Hub Cymru Africa and Size of Wales funding sustainable employment for women which will withdraw a great chunk of CO2 from our overloaded atmosphere.

Freerotation announce partnership with Size of Wales charity

We will be raising money for the charity through the sale of our t-shirts (all proceeds will go to the charity).

Our first batch of t-shirts are now available to buy in the freerotation Shop!

More info here.

Freerotation Resident Bookings

A new portal for booking the core Freerotation residents has been set up here.

Freerotation 03 Vinyl Release

The third edition of Freerotation Records presents the legendary Anthony Child aka Surgeon, alongside Freerotation residents Duckett, Steevio and Tom Ellis.
Audio clips and release information available here.