MASH Cinema presents FREERO KINO

2022 FreeroKino

MASH Cinema who run ‘FreeroKino’, our onsite cinema, are looking for short-form screen content from Freerotation Members (who are attending this year) to show at this year’s festival. Please log into the Members Area main page for details, thanks! 😊 xx

FREERO KINO – the back catalogue

Here you’ll find some of the films shown in the Freero Kino at Freerotation over the last five years. MASH Cinema have programmed and run the cinema space since the very first festival and continue to programme films which explore the ethos and music of the festival itself.

2015 collection:

  • Opening – Opening is a visual album created by Christopher Willits. Across seven tracks of widescreen ambient music, 45 minutes of visuals shot over four years in multiple countries.
  • Moog: Back To The Future Sounds – On January 19, 2015 Moog Music Inc. announced their plans to recommence a limited run manufacturing of three of their most sought after modular synthesizers: The System 55, the System 35 and the Model 15. To commemorate the announcement, Moog shot a short film at their factory about the inspiring and multifaceted relationship artists have with modular synthesizers. Featuring electronic music pioneers such as Suzanne Ciani, Malcolm Cecil, David Borden, Dick Hyman and Herb Deutsch alongside performances on the new Moog modular systems by Holy Ghost!, Jacques and M. Geddes.
  • The Blue Bird – 1970’s animation feature “The Blue Bird” is the only film directed by cult Soviet actor Vasiliy Livanov. Based on a piece by Maurice Maeterlinck, this movie combines different techniques – from classic drawn animation, to cut-outs and stop-motion, creating a unique cinematic experience.
  • What The Future Sounded Like – Post-war Britain rebuilt itself on a wave of scientific and industrial breakthroughs that culminated in the cultural revolution of the 1960’s. In this atmosphere was born the Electronic Music Studios (EMS), a radical group of avant-garde electronic musicians who utilized technology and experimentation to compose a futuristic electronic sound-scape for the New Britain. What The Future Sounded Like colours in a lost chapter in music history, uncovering a group of composers and innovators who harnessed technology and new ideas to re-imagine the boundaries of music and sound. Features music from Pink Floyd, Hawkwind, Roxy Music and The Emperor Machine.
  • Lucidhouse – Morris La Mantia’s [lucidhouse] eye scorching, ear splitting audiovisual mix-up inspired by the electronic music phenomena and today’s epileptic media bombardment.

2016 collection:

  • HOME – Through visually stunning footage from over fifty countries, all shot from an aerial perspective, Yann Arthus–Bertrand shows us a view most of us have never seen. He shares with us his sense of awe about our planet and his concern for its health. With this film, Arthus-Bertrand hopes to provide a stepping-stone to further the call to action to take care of our HOME.
  • Eat Me – Glittering socialite Laura starts slipping from the daily reality of a weight obsessed rich man’s mistress. While on a fancy dinner with her gluttonous lover she enters a strange world where food dances and sings. The whirlwind of dance blows the air out of Laura’s head and she becomes a different type of girl… How people treat each other is mirrored in the way we treat our environment and our food. That’s why “Eat me” focuses on our attitude to food, its dubious contents and food waste through the prism of a skewed relationship.
  • Pushing Through the Pavement: a Permaculture Action Story – It’s true; musicians can be a catalyst for social change!  Watch the inspiring story about the first Permaculture Action Tour, with music producer The Polish Ambassador, that covered over 9,000 miles though 33 cities and 19 states, from San Francisco to New York City, spreading funky beats and permaculture action.
  • Do the Math – The Movie – The fossil fuel industry is killing us. They have five times the amount of coal, gas and oil that is safe to burn – and they are planning on burning it all. Left to their own devices, they’ll push us past the brink of cataclysmic disaster – life as we know it will be irrevocably altered forever. Unless we rise up and fight back. DO THE MATH chronicles “America’s leading environmentalist” Bill McKibben in a David-vs-Goliath battle to fight the fossil fuel industry and change the terrifying math of the climate crisis. 
  • Everything is a Remix – An ambitious documentary on the history and cultural significance of sampling and collaborative creation. The latest installment covers the three basic elements of creativity and explores how innovations emerge.

2017 collection:

  • Life In A Day – A documentary shot by film-makers all over the world that serves as a time capsule to show future generations what it was like to be alive on the twenty-fourth of July, 2010.
  • A Simpler Way: Crisis as Opportunity – A feature-length documentary that follows a community in Australia who came together to explore and demonstrate a simpler way to live in response to global crises.
  • Walter Giers – Electronic Art – This short documentary explores the work of visual and electronic art pioneer, inventor, visionary and unsung hero Walter Giers, featuring interviews with family members that reveal some of his way of seeing the world.

2018 collection –

  • Late Night Work Club – Strangers – Some of the best, most personal, experimental and vital animation made by Late Night Work Club, a loose, rotating collective of indie animators.
  • Discovering Electronic Music – This 1983 documentary film by director and writer Bernard Wilets examines the basics of analog synthesis, digital sampling and sequencing.
  • Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise – Documentary featuring the wild improvisations of Experimental jazz visionary Sun Ra and his Arkestra. Transferred to HD from the original 16mm film, and lovingly restored for the best possible viewing experience.
  • Late Night Work Club – Ghost Stories – A whole bunch of animators gather around the campfire to tell their tales of ghosts and the ghostly. Tales to shock, amuse, and frighten! Tales to make you laugh, cry and scream! Who knows what lurks in the witching hour?
  • Distortion of Sound – Distortion of Sound is a documentary about the decline of sound quality and how technology has changed the way we listen to music. It will open your ears and inspire you to reach for richer, more soul-stirring musical experiences.

2019 collection:

  • Planet Ocean – Dive into our planet’s greatest mysteries with a team of international underwater cinematographers as they explore the breathtaking bond between humanity and the ocean.
  • Secondhand Sureshots – This documentary film is an experiment in sound recycling, featuring Daedelus, J-Rocc, Nobody and Ras G in a secret mission to create new musical magic from the dusty remains of thrift store vinyl.
  • What If – This new film by the team behind The Age of Stupid takes place in a parallel universe where a host of individuals including Jonathan Pie and the President of the Maldives battle to save the people of Earthly from suffering the same fate as “those poor people on Earth”.
  • Modulations: Cinema for the Ear – An artefact in its own right, this archive documentary from 1998 traces the evolution of electronic music. By cutting back and forth between avant-garde composers including Kraftwerk, Giorgio Moroder, Afrika Bambaataa, Autechre, Mixmaster Morris and a host of others charting the musical journey through various genres to what we now know as techno.
  • Cut Chemist – Funk Off Moviemix – A clash of French Synth and Drum Machine based music from cassettes and records remixed into a seamless dance party overlayed with a barrage of repurposed and collaged VHS material, visualized by Tom Fitzgerald.

Resident Advisor presents:

Resident Advisor presents a showcase of some of their more recent films, touching on environmental / social issues, music technology, global dance music history and live performance. Featuring videos about audiovisual electronic music, the history of South African dance music during apartheid, reflections on the Tbilisi protests and more, along with unseen unreleased footage, this showcase offers a well-rounded and essential view of dance music around the world.