Wellbeing at Freerotation 2024



Reflexology Tent - ‘Reflex Life by Stephanie’

Reflexology is a technique that applies gentle pressure to your feet or hands. It aims to bring about a state of relaxation and help the body's own healing process. Reflexology works in a similar way to acupressure and acupuncture.

Phase Massage with Yvette

"I offer holistic, restorative massage and have a specific interest in the benefits of deep relaxation. An hour of massage is suggested to equate to 7-8 hours of sleep! Sleep allows our bodies to 'rest and digest' (the opposing response to 'fight or flight') promoting optimal healing both physically and emotionally. My practise is intuitive, inclusive, trauma aware and can be tailored to suit individual needs."


11.00 am – 12.15 pm // Yoga - ‘Wake up with Sabina’

A morning session to wake up the mind, body and spirit. Influenced and inspired by the Hatha and Tantric Yoga traditions. Mobility, breath work, purification techniques, and posture holds that help us lead to stillness more effortlessly and feel more embodied.

12.30 pm – 1.30 pm // Taiji – Qi Gong - ‘Energise with Fernie’

An introduction to taiji and qi gong, getting your energy ready for the rest of the party.

1.30 – 2.30 PM // Yoga nidra - ‘Liminal hyperspace travel’

Lay back and be still for an extended lay down meditation into the liminal space known as yoga nidra. A powerful and transformative practice and opportunity to rest and surrender into the body's wisdom and innate intelligence to give you what you need!



11 am – 12.15 pm // Yoga - ‘Wake up with Sabina’

12.30 pm -1.30 pm // Breathwork with Amy Amor

Awaken your senses at our enchanting rainforest-themed Breathwork Workshop. Dive deep into conscious connected breathing techniques that promise to nourish your soul and energize your body for the festival’s grand finale. Accompanied by an immersive musical backdrop, you’ll reset your nervous system and sync with the healing
rhythms of the rainforest. Come and join us to transform your being with a breath of fresh air.

1.30 – 2.30 PM // Yoga nidra - ‘Liminal hyperspace travel’