/// FREEROTATION 2016 /// July 8th – 11th ///

Latest News:

Freerotation 02 Vinyl Release: The second offering from Freerotation brings the vinyl debut of Irish born, London resident Monoak. Monoak’s distinctive style of gritty, melodic techno displays an artist engrossed in his work, wanting to take us on a unique journey into uncharted territory.
Available now from Juno, Phonica, Hardwax, Decks.de & most vinyl stores.

Freerotation stage at Bloc: Bloc 2016 will feature a Freerotation stage! With music from Steevio & Suzybee / Jane Fitz / Simon Lynch (London Modular) / Leif / Leah Floyeurs.

Freerotation is a members only festival. You must be invited by an existing member in order to attend.
Read the FAQ for more info.