Freerotation 2015 dates ;      10th-13th of July !

Earlybird tickets on sale in members area February 16th, 18.00-22.00, (for members who have been to 3 or more Freerotations). Subsequent ticket sale dates will be announced here a few weeks before each release.

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You must be a member to buy a ticket for Freerotation. Due to the limited capacity of the venue, and the large number of members, new members can only be invited by existing members. We are sorry that this is the case, but unfortunately we don’t have any choice than to limit the membership in this way. At the moment we arent taking on any more members.


The Freerotation Crew

Latest News:

Announcing the launch of the Freerotation vinyl label!

FR001-labelA-400px FR001-labelB-400pxFreerotation 01 “‘The Hafod Jams’ pt1″
The High-on-Wye Quintet

The High-on-Wye Quintet are Freerotation residents Juju, Jordash, Move D, Soulphiction and Steevio in a mega hardware jam session, recorded live in Steevio’s Hafod studio after Freerotation 2012… & soundclips here !!! Expect further releases and interesting projects from Freerotation artists on a regular basis.

2014 Freerotation line-up

In no particular order;

Voices From The Lake (feat. Donato Dozzy and Neel)  Conforce (aka Versalife)  Deepchord  DJ Bone  Inigo Kennedy  Trade (feat. Surgeon and Blawan)  Midland  Searchlight Records (feat. Staffan Linzatti & Mathias Linzatti)  Hodge  Dynamo Dreesen  Meanwhile Farah (AKA Darling Farah)  Neel  Monoak  Joey Anderson  Esther Duijn Greta Cottage Workshop (feat. Onlyz and Jimmy Winkles)  South London Ordnance  Burnt Friedman  Jus Ed  Jenifa Mayanja  Livity Sound (feat. Asusu, Kowton and Peverelist)  Karenn (feat. Blawan and Pariah)  Bergemann and Legget  Objekt  Mark Hand  Leah Floyeurs  Jade Seatle  Dan Bean Kawn  Alex Downey  Mono-poly  Fade 2 

Plus regulars / residents;  Shackleton  Magic Mountain High  Juju and Jordash  Hessle Audio (feat. Pearson Sound, Ben Ufo and Pangaea)  Soulphiction  Move D  Sven Weisemann  Tama Sumo  Lakuti  Portable  XDB  October  Jane Fitz Miles Atmospheric Tom Demac  Tom Ellis  Leif  Joe Ellis  Sam Watson  Grimes Adhesif  SammyString  Duckett   J-Lab  Ilmajaam  Tripcode  Earthdoctor  Beatroots  McTurk  Reflektor  BMO  Jakooky  Wolfen Technologies  Diffuse  Glenn Schofield Steevio & Suzybee

Visual Artists : Zeke Clough Limbic Cinema Eye4aneye John Street Yagama VJ Vesta Mash Cinema Lucid House Mashie TV Eye Fidelity Alice Firefly  KL3O  Becky Bridge  Suzybee