Freerotation 2017 - July 7/8/9th

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Update from 10 million trees project. Mbale, Uganda:

Currently the project run by our charity partners, the Size of Wales, is exceeding its tree planting projections. They’re already having a very positive effect for families in the badly deforested region of Mbale.

Read more here...

Freerotation take-over @ One Tribe Festival:

If you missed out on a ticket for this year’s Freerotation, or just cant get enough of us, Freerotation are taking over a stage for a whole night at One Tribe Festival in Cheshire, August 3rd to 8th featuring our residents, including Move D, Tom Ellis, Grimes Adhesif, Duckett, Leif, Joe Ellis, and Steevio & Suzybee.

Other Freerotation residents such as DJ Bone, XDB, Sam Watson, DJ October and Alex Downey will also be performing on other stages.

Update from Size of Wales:

Everyone very busy this morning over at our Garashi tree nursery near Boré. Hub Cymru Africa and Size of Wales funding sustainable employment for women which will withdraw a great chunk of CO2 from our overloaded atmosphere.

Freerotation announce partnership with Size of Wales charity

We will be raising money for the charity through the sale of our t-shirts (all proceeds will go to the charity).

Our first batch of t-shirts are now available to buy in the freerotation Shop!

More info here.

Freerotation Resident Bookings

A new portal for booking the core Freerotation residents has been set up here.

Freerotation 03 Vinyl Release

The third edition of Freerotation Records presents the legendary Anthony Child aka Surgeon, alongside Freerotation residents Duckett, Steevio and Tom Ellis.
Audio clips and release information available here.